Murielle CAMPILLO OUARAB : The Artist

To exist beyond the existential question.

« Who are we, where do we come from, and what are we to become? » Socrates

« Without pretending to bring answers, I keep with the general pattern of the artists who ask the questions; I ask myself questions about the origin and the future of the human by interesting myself in the plurality of identities for beyond the existential question, it is disturbing to note that not knowing one another, civilizations share signs, scriptures and symbols. Hence, questions about identity are posed, those linked to the acknowledgment of ethnic groups or the knowledge of one's roots.

The hand comes before the thought; I am the edge of what rises. From the sign to the symbol, I uncover and tame the tongue of the archaic scripts, moved by the quest of surpassing myself to try and have access to the universality. As an artist, I keep 'building' the trail to fight the end of an hypothetical world.

I initiate a link between the body and the mind, between the material and bodily needs of 'the Existence' and I probe into the multiple interrogations about its 'Essence', It is with this field of possibilities that I connect the different steps of my artistic advance to result in a spacial organization of the pictorial space. »


Born in La Tronche , August 23rd 1966, Murielle CAMPILLO OUARAB lives and works in the department of Isère. She has always had the need to express herself through drawing, Her meeting with the artist Martine Petiot in 1993, will make it possible for her to make her dreams come true: to paint and display her creations. She takes part in 'the Ateliers de peinture d'Arts de Grenoble' with Claude Blanc-Brude. The live model enables her to improve her graphism. The obtention of a Plastic Arts degree at the age of 34 as well as her creation participate in her rebirth.

Personal exhibitions

27-28 november et 4-5 december " Dialogue d'humanité "
07-2010 exposition permanente à la galerie Artisti- Ruel-Malmaison

27-28-29 november et 4-5-6 december "Petits formats" -Atelier-Crolles-38
5 may au 30 june "Désert"- Entreprise Cédrat-Meylan-38

29 october au 5 november " Rhétorique du corps " -École Privée Académy-Grenoble-38
6 june au 12 july " Écriture Abstraites "- Galerie KoKo -Lille-59
15 au 17 february " Désert " -Salle du Mail-Brié et Angonnes -38

24 november au 20 december " Inauguration Atelier "- Crolles-38
1 may au 30 june-" Désert " -Entreprise Cédrat - Meylan-38

8 au 30 november " Passage " -La Mairie-Le Touvet-38
3 december au 30 january " Organ'ic " -Imagin'cadre-Le Touvet-38

30 august au 12 september " Passion de la ligne " -Salle Veyton-Allevard-38

1 au 30 october "Je suis ...l'autre " - La Mairie-Le Touvet-38

1 march au 31 may " Nudes " -BU droits et lettres-St Martin D'hères-38

17 debruary au 2 march -" Nudes "- Magasin Ateliers des peintres-Grenoble-38

29 june au 30 august " Première "- Bibliothèque-Crolles-38

Collective exhibitions

16 au 30 november " Terre et eau " Espace Paul Jargot- Crolles- Les Artistes de Chartreuse
7 au 10 october " Allev'art en Belledonne " -Allevard-38
2 -3 july - Salon- " Festival du Touquet "
1-2-8-9 may " Portes Ouvertes Artistes de Chartreuses " -Atelier-38

4 december au 3 january " Murmures " -Voreppe-38
8 au 11 october " Allev'art en Belledonne " -Allevard-38
8-9-10-16-17 may " Portes Ouvertes Artistes de Chartreuses " -Atelier-38

16 au 24 april " Artagem " -la Bastille-Grenoble-38

1 july au 31 august " Visages " -Église Abbatiale-Saint Chef-38

01 au 30 november " Terra Incognita " -Galerie Espace Digital'In-Carpentras-84

Grouping of artists

Membership to the association of Artistes de Chartreuse in 2007
Supported by the Natural reserve of Chartreuse