Art and Companies

Acquisition of original living artists' creations

An asset for the company

The acquisition of artwork places the company in a search for sustainable development and innovation.

  • - It improves the internal and external communication
  • - it reinforces its culture and affirms its values.
  • - It increases its image and pleases the clients.
  • - The well being of the employees in the premises favours a positive spirit thereby injecting some dynamism into the fellow workers' creative process.

Modalities of deduction

Art 238 bis of the CGI
«...Companies are allowed to deduct the cost of living artists' artwork from their taxable income, provided they are registered as fixed assets and remain on display for the public. This deduction is effective in equal fractions on the results of the accounting period and the four following years for the artworks.

The deduction, effective for each accounting period, registered on a special reserve account, cannot exceed the limit of 5 thousandths of the turnover, minored by the total of the other deductions operated in the name of corporate sponsorship. »

The artwork is also exonerated of the CET.
This information is given with reservations, In any case do not hesitate to consult your chartered accountants who will be your best partners to help you with your administrative procedures.